Roqueta Origen

Ramon Roqueta Chardonnay and Ramon Roqueta Cabernet Sauvignon, two super wines according to Supervinos 2019

  • 14-09-2018

The new "Supervinos" guide (which literally means “super wines”) published its ninth edition which is a more complete and up-to-date version than earlier ones. With the rigor and independence that have always been the guide’s mainstay, the guide presents a selection of over 140 wines which are placed in either of two categories” Super wines" or "Mega wines”. The wines included in "Supervinos 2019” received the highest ratings in the history of this guide, which proves that the quality of Spanish wines that are available in supermarkets is higher than ever. Ramon Roqueta Chardonnay features among the white "Supervinos" and Ramon Roqueta Cabernet Sauvignon among the red "Supervinos".